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 Our Story 

Boyd-Walsh Kitchen (BK) Bakery was established in 2018 due to customer needs for a range of quality hand made Lavosh biscuits, to embellish your cheese and dip platters. After extensive customer market research, we tested many recipes to arrive at our solid and reliable triple choice. You can choose from Regular varieties, Gluten Free and Vegan styles. We saw a niche in the market for a quality Gluten free variety and a true Vegan product. Our biscuits are thin and crisp and designed to fit size wise neatly onto your designer cheese platter.

Our values are to produce a hand made Lavosh biscuit to suit every occasion. Our products are consistent and we endeavor to produce each variety without cross contamination so we can stand by our guarantee that we produce truly 3 separate varieties. We aim to deliver to the needs of our customers. Who always come first.

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